Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sometimes email gets persnickity...

I sent Mooker a link to view pictures of the Gilbert Temple plans. I have had some trouble with my email server and have not been able to place the last few letters on the blog. I apologize. This should catch everyone up. Mooker is in Bad Homburg now and loving his mission. Enjoy!

Wow, that temple looks sweet, thanks for the article too, that is awesome, that one lady, who didn't want it to be in her neighborhood, because it was too high says, '' you're gonna be able to see it from everywhere!'' HAHA that's the idea! I love Mormons. That will be way fun to see it under construction, and eventually visit it. So, this week was not too eventful for us, we had a couple lessons and that was pretty much it, alot of fallen out appointments, but it is ok, we came up with a sweet plan to work more with the members and last night we did it, and it worked out great. We had planned out originally that we would just come over and practice teaching to them, but decided that it would be cooler if they would be included in it as well, and we all took turns teaching and talking about it. It went well, because everybody felt like they were part of it, and it really helps the members to feel that they know what the stuff is that is taught, and that everyone can do it. It is stressed now in the mission to work more with members and get them excited about the work. So we are focusing on that a little more. Thanks for your prayers and everything you do in that endeavor. Today we are going to play soccer again with some ward people and other missionaries, and hopefully this one less active kid, but we shall see. Two Elders just cancelled on coming...lame, but oh well. So, I did get the package you sent. Maybe in the next letter you could send like a picture of the 4 of you together and send it, that way I can have one to show to people, and to carry it around in my scriptures, I do not have 1 with all of you in it at the same time, so that would be nice. Well, O should be sending off the camera cards in a little while...don't worry...I will. So, thanks for everything family, take care and know that I love you all. Tschüß! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker