Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Plenty of Peanut Butter....

I got the package, thanks for everything in it. By the way, we definitely do NOT need peanut butter now, we had like 3 jars before you sent it, and now, ...alot, so thanks, but just a heads up. Cool tie rack, but I really would like that wooden one, from my closet, if you could find it, and next package? don't worry about it, I sound like a greedy little punk, just send stuff whenever, and whatever you want. Monsoon season! I miss it, but it is really hot here anyways, so, for Donald, we havn't really been meeting with him...at all, so if you are going to pray for someone, pray for Stani and her 2 boys, we are meeting with them again now, and it is going well again, This week went well, we committed NATHAN Muldez to baptism, he is that 9 yearo ld boy from the family whose dad was just baptized in March, and we are going with him through the lessons, but REALLY slow, he has adhd, and he has a pretty hard time reading and praying, and the mom, is not the greatest exapmle, way nice, but just a little...ummm...different. It should go through, on August 22, so pray for him and his family too. This week, we met with Stani, and had a good 2nd lesson ( Plan of Salvation) and she understood it all and said that it all made logical sense, and had a good time. We then went with her over to our Ward mission leaders house, and had FHE, and he made Korean food, and her boys came and played Wii, and had fun, also another lady, Frau Fisher, who comes to English classes came too, she had a good time, she is korean, and really enjoyed herself, she is not really an investigator, yet, but she is way nice, and likes us all. Sorry about not sending pictures for a while, i should probably do that sometime soon. Oh, I also had my suit taken in at a turk shop, Matt will know what I am talking about :} I have not lost weight or anything, it s just american, so I had it taken a little, and it is more acceptable now, I will do it to my other pants and suit next week sometime, it will come to a total of 100€ to have it done to all of my clothes, so not bad. Be sure to tell everyone hi from me, and tell Tausha hi especially :) Alright take care, Tschüß! Love Elder Bentz, the one and only! aka Mooker

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Neighborhood

Hey! Thanks for writing, the package has not come yet, but maybe later today or tomorrow, I am still anxiously waiting, and 20 years old :) So Adam Anderberg got married!? that is sweet, and so did Season, How did the reception go? The work is going sweet here. This week was pretty cool, just to highlight one of the experiences we had...Last night we were at a dinner appointment with some members, at their home, and after dinner, Elder Lechtenberg and I shared a couple scriptures about the elect hearing the Gospel, and being prepared for it (Alma 13:24-DC 29:7) After the thought we asked if it would be ok if we would be able to pray with them, that people in their neighborhood would be open to the Gospel, and willing to meet with us. We kneeled and prayed in their living room and Bro. Peay offered a prayer and it was a really great prayer. We told them that we would do doors in their area for about an hour, and that we would come back and tell them how it went. They agreed to it, so we left and did their street, the next street down, across another street and all the way down the left side of the last street that we were going to do, and before we were there, we received a phone call from the other Elders and they said that they needed some more help with taking apart and moving some furniture for one of their investigators, so we said that we would go and help after we were done with these doors in this neighborhood. At that last house, I said that we should probably head back now, since the members offered us a ride too, but Edler Lechtenberg said we could do a couple more. So we crossed the street and went to that first house. It was just a normal door approach, but the lady started asking about our ''dialect'' and we then of course gave her the whole two years thing and why we are here, and she said that she LOVES the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and would love to see them some day. We told her that we sing the same songs that THEY sing in church, and it would be great to hae you there. She was worried about having to come with someone, or not being welcome, but we told her that we love to have visitors, and we would actually come and go with her to church, cause they don't have a car, she said she would really like that, and we got her information, and we met the husband and their son too, and they were all really nice. I don't know if anything Fantastic will come of this or not, but I do know that people are prepared, all we have to do is the sifting to find them. After that experience, we ran back to the Peay's home, and told them, Sis. Peay was SO excited, and it was a really great time. The members loved it, and we were able to actually find someone in their neighborhood. All in all I would call that a miracle. The last doors, ya' gotta' watch for 'em. It was way cool, and it is times like those that make all of the rejections worth it. So yeah, I twas cool. Sounds like everything is going awesome at home, and tell Tausha hi, if she is still there. Take care everyone, and save some kringle for me! Tschüß! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

letter to Auntie Sharon July 8, 2009

Auntie Sharon, Thank you for the money, it will definitely be put to good use, and you are right, it will all always be worth it, no matter what we do, that is the beauty of the plan of God for us. The only thing we have to worry about is keeping the commandments and living up to our covenants, which is a lot easier said than done, but hey, what else are we gonna do here? Nothing that's as important as those things, I know that. We have been having some really good success lately, and way sweet people to talk to and teach, So yeah, Everything sounds great at home, and a fun 4th of July, I love 4th of July breakfast, we had one here, by ourselves, with some other missionaries, and it was way fun, we sang the star spangled banner, and the pledge of allegiance, and had pancakes, and bacon. Fun. Well Take Care Auntie Sharon, I love you. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Happy 20th Birthday

Yesterday, we had zone conference, and went to Frankfurt for the day, it was way fun, and we heard from Elder Cossei´ from France speak to us, he is in the seventy presidency, and will go to Paris next week. We have a new investigator now, Donald, because we have a return appointment with him, and that should be good, we have had some pretty sweet contacts this week, and there should be something for us. The work is picking up around here. I will send Brad a birthday card tomorrow, and have some sweet pics in it. Sounds like Matt is adjusting well for getting off his mission? I can't imagine it will be too hard to do that. Pres. Earl, tell him I say hi back! So, Season Hale is getting married?! Who, Where, Why, HOW? that's great for her, she is way nice, tell me how the reception went. Hey, I bought the LDS picture book, it is pretty cool, I would suggest it. Well, not too much else to say, tomorrow I will be 20, and then no longer a teenager, so, no more immaturity, according to Ed :) So, Thanks for everything, and stay cool and safe. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker