Monday, June 21, 2010

New members going strong....6/14/10

Ed just told me that Rainy Hale got called to the New York, New York South Mission speaking Spanish. man, I guess nobody cares about me being gone...whatever. Man, Brad goes home in less than 2 months! It. Is. Crazy. Well, this last week was pretty lame, We had like 4 fallen out appointments, and a lot of finding time where we didn`t find anybody, and it rained last week too. The weather today is nice, and this week we have zoko, so that should be good, we have to drive all the way to Düsseldorf, which is like 280 KM there and back, and like 5 hours of driving total, lame, but so it is....Patricia came to church yesterday, and Florian received the Aaronic Priesthood, and he almost didn`t have a ride, so we called him up right as church started, and asked if hw wanted a ride, and we got one for him, because he lives way far away, and he has no driver`s license yet, so he is dependent on a ride every week for church, but it worked out well. We ran into this crazy kid from Berlin the other day, and he just asked us for directions, and we told him how to get where he wanted, and then he just starts talking about movies, and France, and Racism, and sympathy, it was way weird, but yeah, that`s about it for us. Thanks for all the updates. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking for new Investigators.....6/7/10

Thanks for the pics. Steve looks like a goober...(sorry, it's just he has his eyes closed on the pic you sent)how did he get TAUSHA? that baby is happy too. That is too bad about the condo in San Diego being sold, but there are definitly more than enough for everybody to go there, all the time, so it's good that you found another place. Well, I guess I will start working on my talk for the 24th of October...I am with Elder Hantla right now, He is from Sandy Utah, and way cool. Still in Koblenz. The weather right now is decent, actually quite hot at times, but it`s doable...We have to go to Bonn now every week for District meetings, and that eats up a lot of our clicks, we only have 1700 clicks for the whole month, so it goes a lot faster than you want it to. Florian came to church yesterday, Ewa found a new job, and she will be starting that in July, so that is good, she won´t have to work on weekends anymore...Everybody else right now is kind of just floating, so we really need some new investigators. any referrals? Well, hopefully next week i will be able to tell you of the new investigator we found, sorry this is so short...Thanks for writing, and the pics. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am not a Lumberjack...5/24/10

Alright, for transfers, I am staying here in Koblenz, and getting Elder Hantla, he is from Utah, and he is way cool. Elder Voutilainen is going to Offenbach, if that says anything to you...and.-...well, that`s about it. The rest of the transfer stuff wouldn`t interest any of you anyways...Florian`s baptism went well. The water was really low, so he had to do it twice, his knee came up the first time. His wife was so happy right after he was baptized, she was crying and hugged her sister who is also a member, it was really nice. I gave a talk on baptism there, and was sweating like crazy!!! It was pretty hot that day though.... anyways, he was confirmed yesterday, and now he is a member!!!! YES!!!!! yesterday, we also had Ward conference, and it was way nice, Elder Voutilainen got to say good bye to everybody, and there was a sweet party afterwards, and we ate a lot.Sounds like Steve and Tausha are already rich (Disney cruise with the Barclay family), going on all of those vacations and stuff...and Matt and Melanie (Hawaii with the Buchanan family) too, what gives!?!? hmmm, we also helped this member family chop wood, and I sucked at it, with an axe, the member guy worked as a lumberjack for a long time, so he was pro at it...naja. that new Robin Hood would be cool I bet, Russell Crowe is a good actor, also I saw a poster for Prince of Persia, how is that? Thanks for everything, Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Holiday changes Pday...this week

Robin and I went back up to Utah to see the baby and attend Tausha's sister, Kayla's wedding to Tyson Hall. Enjoy Elder Bentz' letter.

Kayla's wedding must have been fun, there are so many good looking girls in Manti...well, this week was pretty average, it got super hot here, and I even got a little sunburn! we helped this one member family with some garden work, and also went to this other crazy family's place, oh yeah, so you're probably wondering why I am writing on Tuesday and not monday now, well, yesterday was a holiday here, Pentecost, so all the stores were closed, and it wouldn't really make sense to have pday on a day when you couldn't go shopping, so we have it today, it all works out. Florian is ready to go for his baptism on Saturday, and Ewa is doing good too, still looking for a new job though so she doesn't have to work on Sundays...ummmm...We went by on 2 referrals we got, which is quite rare to get referrals form the office, and it turns out that neither of the addresses existed! that's our luck though, oh well. The weather is nice enough to wear short sleeve shirts and I love it. hmmmmm...what else? Patricia came to church again, but the organ player totally botched up one of the songs so it made our ward here look like a bunch of, well, it just wasn't the best performance I have seen in a ward house, let's just say that. anyways, that's about it for me.Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Another baptism scheduled.....

Well, thanks for the information on stake president and the bishop, that activity sounds nice. I love Hawaiian food. this week was pretty good. Florian had his baptismal interview, and he is good to go, so he will be getting baptized on May 29th, in Wiesbaden, in a normal Baptismal font, nothing special this time. hmmm, what happened this week? well, yesterday at church we had like 120 people at church, which is pretty crazy when you are only used to having like 40 people there. There was this Mormon biker gang, that does a tour through Germany, and they ended their tour yesterday with Koblenz branch, it was pretty sweet. We helped this one family move a washing machine that was way heavy, and also some other furniture, we helped Ewe Flügel(picture of her at baptism, below) paint her apartment, and tomorrow we will be going over there to help her finish it up. had some good lessons with the other investigators, and that was about it. I am sorry, my life is boring for all of you normal people, transfer calls are in 2 weeks, so not the next one, but that next email I will know if I am leaving, or staying, or getting someone new, or whatever, so I will keep you updated...thanks for writing, and sending the info I needed. I love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Baptism of Ewa, april 30, 2010