Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They love America...

Hey, Thank you so much for the package, i got it on Saturday, Well, it sounds like the Ward is doing well, That Ward Bday party is alwys fun. Don`t let Ed near any of the Brats, he will burn them! This week went surprisingly well, We met these people doing doors one day, and they let us in immediately, and they showed us all of these pictures they had from camping and hiking in America, they love America and were way nice, They even stopped at Temple Square, and have a Testimony of Joseph Smith pamphlet, so they want to meet with us again, but are way busy, they both work, but don`t have kids, and love Families, so we`ll see what happens. We had one fallen out appointment, but oh well, and the Sun shined for three days straight!, that was way cool. Then it rained way hard, and snowed a little, and is back to gloomy Wuppertal again. We have transfer calls next Saturday, so you will find out my next assignment in 2 weeks. I don`t know what will happen, I will probably stay in Wuppertal, but who knows. I bought a new back pack, it was only 20 € and it is Jeep brand. That other backpack is still good, but this new one has 2 big pockets, thus, better. I will probably not send the other camera card home for a while, it has a lot more room on it, but I will definitely send it before October, rest assured haha. I don`t have too much else to say. Tell everybody at home and in the ward "HI" from me, and that I miss them, and the AZ heat. I love you all Tschüss, Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

P.S. The law of averages guarantees success to the persistent.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sacrifice Week in the Mission

Thanks for the pictures, and for sending that stuff, it should get here by friday by my calculations as well. That`s crazy that that Lowe`s is up, it will be weird to see that when I get back. I will be out for 6 months at the end of March, isn`t that crazy? It has gone by pretty fast, but I still got a long way to go, so don`t start sending me stuff that has all the days I have left on it. Good stuff about the Evaporative cooler thing on the roof, and tell dad to stop whining about being sick, and suck it up! I'm just kidding, keep üp the good work. We got an HD satellite? I did not know that! That is cool. The Garden looks great, and that is cool about everything else too. This week, we are having a sacrifice week, that means getting up a half hour earlier, and spending less time eating and just doing everything more, and ending it with a fast on next tuesday, so it is hard, but whatever? That's what I am here for. Not too much is happening here, now at least. This Thursday, we are talking with a whole class of 16 year olds at some school about our religion, so that should be,...interesting. I don`t expect to get any referrals out of it, but maybe, we`ll see. Right now we have 2 kinda weak investigators, and it is not seeming very promising with either if them, but we are always trying to find more people, and could be doing a better job at that, so we will see what happens. Hopefully some more investigators. Tell The Swensens congrats on their move, and I hope it all goes well for them, I would love to help them move, that is one really big service thing we do a lot over here, so tell them sorry I am not there! Give chloe' a pet for me, and know that I love you all so much, and miss you, but not to the point that it is distracting me or anything, so don`t worry.
Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ward mission plan vs. missionary mission plan

Oh, yeah, I forgot about Matt's Birthday, I'll write him something. Everything is going pretty good over here, we got a referral from the AP house the other day, and went over to this lady's house and taught her a lesson, and yesterday, the appointment we had with her fell out, so hopefully we will see her again, She is from Africa, and speaks english, so that is always good. That stinks about Dad having the flu, I am a little sick too, just a runny nose, that's about it. OH!!! if you haven't sent the package yet with the camera card, could you send me, my quad set of scriptures from home, the Burgandy one with my name on it, the small set, that would be nice to have just for Zokos and ddms, thanks! Yes, I do write Michael K, and other people too, Tell Ed hi from me too! Elder Kramer and I are doing good, and the Ward here in Wuppertal is still good too, We had a fireside last Sunday, about Missionary work, and they were supposed to make a Ward Mission Plan, but it didn't go as well as hoped, leider, but we'll see what comes of it...Here is a big thing wrong with Germany and the Mission work...the members! One thing they said at the fireside was not too cool. They said that they wanted to help us missionaries out with our work...that's good, BUT we're here for the wards! We're here to be helping the wards achieve their goals for missionary work, there is a great quote from Heber J. Grant, Missionary work is nothing more than hometeaching to those that are not yet members, and hometeaching is nothing more than missionary work to those that already are members. The ward here in Wuppertal has generally accepted the fact that if there are no baptisms in the ward, it is the missionaries' fault. In the end , if that happens, it all becomes a big finger pointing game, so, the moral of this rant is... Every member a missionary. Thanks David O. Mckay. Well, I don't have too much else to say, we are trying to do a lot more inactive work, which should also be done by the Wards and Hometeaching and visiting teaching, but they don't do that too well either, Just be glad to have a nice functioning ward back in America, they really are nice. :) Well, Tell everyone I said hi, and that I love them, Tschüss! Love, Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Thankful for this opportunity...

I hope you had a great time on your birthday mom. That is great to hear about everyone at home, and give Chloe a rub on the belly for me :) I got my new companion, He is Elder Kramer from Tucson, and he is pretty funny, and a hard worker, so we should be getting a lot of work done here pretty soon. Elder Eddy is home and lovin`it from what I hear, I will miss that guy, he is great. That's great news about Matt and his baptism, I hope that all goes through for him. Nothing too much happen this week here in Wuppertal. We will be having a fireside here in the ward all about the ward mission plan, and how we can help each other out to bring more people into the church, so that should help. We actually did have a great time at church the other day when there was a baby blessing, and there is always a big feast after church when that happens, so that was great. Good German Food, for free!. Could you get me Bro, Jacobs EMail? I don`t have it anywhere. Oh yeah!, Our mission conference in Frankfurt was great, I got to see a bunch of buds from the MTC there, and Elder Dallin H. Oaks was great, and was a really real and normal guy, I was gald to see that. WEll, I will talk to you next week again, I love you all so much, and am thankful for my oppurtunity to be on a mission, I know I won`t regret it later in life. I heard a good quote actually, If you do it, you won`t regret it, but if you don`t, there is a chance you will, or something to that extent when you have to decide on something for a good cause, anyways, I love you ! Tschüss, Love Edler Bentz aka Mooker