Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 26, 2010 .... off to Koblenz

I am leaving to Koblenz tomorrow. After 6 months here in Bad Homburg, I am leaving. I am going to be with some Finnish guy, I can't remember his name, let alone pronounce it, so I will probably be getting that to you next week. It is a car area there, and a tourist town. I think it might be a branch too, so that should be interesting. I am going to miss Bad Homburg, The ward here is awesome, lots of cool members that I have been able to get to know really well. Lauritz is still doing awesome, we met with him yesterday, talked about Lehi's dream, because right now, he is just reading on his own, and we are just making sure that there are no more problems before the Baptism. It is going really well. He made the comment yesterday about the vision, that it is comparable to the restoration too. It totally works! Angel showing where something is? confusion in the world? (dark mist) and persecution. It was way sweet. We got some good pics on Sunday at the Temple together. We went to go teach a new investigator with Michael De Molder, who is preparing to go on his mission, Bishop's Son. It went really well, and hopefully she continues to investigate the church. So, man, that is cool about Favre getting owned. Poor Cards hopefully it is a good game. I am going to be pulling for the Saints, I would like to see them do it. Funny, we talked about the Fall too, we are probably on the same lesson plan, new manual too, way good, no more pics from people in like the 70's. better. Thanks for the pics too, Steve and Tausha and Andrea look great, Next time you all get together could you take a picture of all the people with the last name of Bentz? I would like that, all in one picture. I will kill all of the spiders I darn well please thank you very much! but I will keep in mind that they play a vital role in the earth's ecosystem. That is it from my side of the pond. Thanks for everything family! know that I love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Missionary Pictures

Elder McMullin shares a birthday with Elder Bentz and
sent him a birthday package from Chicago, IL

Elders performing "Eye Of The Tiger"
Mooker bought guitar in Germany

Elder Bentz overlooking the Rhine river

Elder Bentz at the Frankfurt, Germany Temple

Elder Bentz at the zoo

Missionary friends in Germany

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The work goes forth.....January 19, 2010

Mooker's brother Steven blessed his daughter Andrea Grace Bentz on January 17, 2010. An event that you miss when you are on a mission.

Hey, that is great that Andrea was blessed on Sunday, lots of hands on the poor kid, did she cry? Dang it. Kayla has a Boyfriend? ... We just finished teaching Lauritz all of the lessons, so right now we just have to make sure he is good to go by the 27th of February. He is doing really well right now. We just found a new lady yesterday who seems pretty promising, fingers crossed. Transfers is coming up, this time next week you will know if I am staying or leaving, I don't really know what is going to happen, I don't have any feelings this time. but I will keep you updated. hmmmm....what else...? hopefully today we will be able to go to the Lamborghini dealership and take some sweet pics inside the cars, but I don't know if they will let us do that, so I guess we will find out. other than that, the weather here is still pretty lame, warmer than a couple days ago, and will hopefully be getting warmer and warmer. thanks for writing, know that I love you all. ! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baptism date pushed back a bit....1/12/10

DANG! that is too bad about the Packers, at least it was a good game to watch I am sure. and the Suns sound good too. Hopefully the Cards can go all the way this year, that would be sweet for them, The packers ...dang. ok, that nativity set was expensive but..don't worry about paying it back or anything... really....don't let her. Did my other packages get there yet? it sure is taking a long time for them. Have fun up in Utah, the weather here is pretty cold, yesterday, we were at 1 degree celsius for the whole day, with quite a lot of snow too, so that makes it EXTRA fun. I do not have big boots believe it or not, and it is working out ok, I didn't have any last year either, it's not that bad actually. Let's just say that these shoes probably won't be the ones I wear to church once I get home. Today, we went to the Temple, and played some games at the church with the rest of the District, pretty fun. Tonight we are going on a split with the Bishop and going over to Marion, that old lady who is kind of sick, hopefully it will go well, but we'll see. Lauritz has a new baptismal date for the 27th of Feb. it is a ways off, but we all feel good about it, we prayed in the middle of the lesson, and asked if it was right for him, it felt right, so that is what we are going with. It is a little ways off, but he will probably be ready before then, and then we can just move it up then. Transfer calls are NEXT Saturday, so I will tell you if I am getting transferred in 2 weeks from today, so that is that. Nothing else really, thanks for being cool, know that I love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Send souvenirs home from Germany.....1/5/10

ok, The big Bier stein is MINE! that thing was Super expensive, and it is staying in our house. I DID get Heidi something, I sent three packages home, so one more should be coming too. The tiny ornaments are mine too, and also the big smoking man, the hunter one.I sent that big jacket home, because first of all, it is ENORMOUS, and secondly, I got another one from Elder Braithwaite, and it works just fine. that thing weighed like 8 lbs.! anyways, I will probably not end up buying another nativity set, because i will not be going back to Frankfurt. The Bier stein suffices. and about that money that has been spent, yeah, I bought a suit, a nice one, sooo....yeah, now I can check that off of the list, and now the last big thing I should buy is shoes. So, yeah. It is a really nice Boss suit, don't worry. Sweet news about the Packers, I hope they beat them again. This week Lauritz didn't come to church, he visited a friend, and was not able to come back in time to get there, we should be meeting with him again tomorrow though, we will pobably have to end up moving the baptismal date back a little, but he should still be going through with it some time soon. I got a lot of pictures from the Reception, from Heidi, it looks great! We are going to play ultimate frisbee today, and it will be sweet, it is a really nice winter day, about as good as it gets for the winter anyways...well, that is about it from me this week, not too much, but at least it is something. Thanks for everything! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Mooker sent home Christmas gifts.....12/29/09

Well...don't worry too much about that spider thing from the video, he had it coming to him any ways, and beside, he is in a better place...I think...sweet, you got the other package, Did you open your plate and Bierkrug I sent? I really hope they didn't break. and all of that other stuff, yeah, just like put it in the closet or attic or something, idk. Cool, that Mike L. Is engaged. So yeah, you sent the email twice, so here is what I can say: Christmas was wonderful here, we went to 5 family's homes over the 3 days here, and had aLOT to eat, It was really nice. We went over to one family's home, and they aren't members, it was really nice, It snowed the last week before Christmas, but then the snow melted away, and now it is just cold and miserable weather over here, but so it is. Lauritz, our investigator, is making some good progress, and he should be getting baptized on the 16th of Jan. so pray for him, he needs it. He is way cool, and what is even cooler-he is from a member referral! those are great. So yeah, things are goin really good for us right now, I am still in Bad Homburg, and will prpbably leave here next transfer. The ward here is super great. So, yeah, that is about it from me, thanks for writing, and know that I love you so much. Frohe Weihnachten! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Looking forward to Christmas........

Hey, It looks like the wedding was way fun, Heidi sent a bunch of pics, so that was good. Man, I still got money left in that account? sweet, I was planning on buying a car over here anyways, so that's good... No, the only thing left I have to buy that will be a lot of money is gonna be a suit, so, that should be somewhere around the nieghborhood of 300€, hopefully less, I hear the after christmas sales are the best for suits, so we shall see. Dar, the package isn't there yet, it should be getting there soon, the last package I sent however didn't get there for like 2 months, so...mal schauen. Nice of Michael K to watch Chloe. Dang the packers lost. Sweet the cards won, Dang the suns are behind the Lakers, sounds familiar...Yeah, be sure to get the hard copies of the pics, and send the sd cards when you can, but don't delete the pics off of them, I will do that when I get them. Nice work on the Fräuleins, you don't have an umlaut key, so you can't really spell it right :) Well, this week was sweet, we had zoko, and then our Ward Christmas party, it was way fun, It has been snowing here the past week, and there is quite a bit of it on the ground, so that makes walking around a whole lot more fun...not, but so it is. Lauritz is still sick, so he didn't come to church again, and we have not met with him for more than a week now, so that's not going too well, Keep praying for him. We should be dropping by on Marion Günther tonight, other investigator, and caroling with some of the ward members, that should be nice. Today it is raining alot, and Rain+snow=not fun, so yeah. I didn't get any other emails besides you and Heidi this week, so that's lame, but i guess i am talking with Michael this week anyways, and then Christmas too, not too bad of a trade. Yeah, on Christmas we have 2 eating appts with the sweetest families in the ward, and then others on the other days, so that is nice, I can't wait to talk to you all, and hopefully Matt and Steve too. I will just get they're phone numbers from you when we talk. Well, thanks for writing and know that I love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker