Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26/10.......I moved to Krefeld, Please pray for Vivian

This week I was at Girls camp and one of our sunday activities was to write the missionaries. Elder Bentz moved this week, so I emailed the mission office for his new address so he will get the letters that girls wrote to him. Here is his latest letter:

I can't promise that I will write anybody else from now on...but i will try at least :) Girls Camp sounded fun. Yeah, sorry that I didn't get the address to you last week, but i guess you have it now anyways. Tomorrow is zoko, and that is always a good time. Today is the crappiest weather ever. It is training and will the entire day it looks like. We are going to Düsseldorf for basketball with some other Elders, and it will be indoors so it will be ok with the weather. My ankle is ok now, and it sounds like yours is ok too. Last week we helped with this move for our Bishop, Bishop Wang, and it took THE ENTIRE DAY! My back was pretty sore afterwards, but it's not bad now. Vivian did not come to church this week because she had a friend come from out of town. We will be meeting with her quite a bit this week though. Pray for her. :) So get this, there was this ''Love Parade'' in Duisburg, a city right next to us, and it is pretty much a giant DeBauchery fest, and bad stuff going on all of the time. anyway, 19 people died and hundreds more were injured due to the fact that a bridge was shut down, and too many people tried to get past it, and there was a panic, and some people fell off of it, the planning committee planned only for 250,000-500,000 people to show up, but 1.5 million people showed up, soooo, there will not be another one of those ... ever...hmmmm, we went by on a few inactives this last week, and did some finding time. Krefeld is not too bad of a city. ok, it is not as cool as Koblenz, but it´is green at least, and the ward is ok. well, that is about it for me. Thanks for writing. I love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

7/19/10......bad week for hurt legs

Last week Elder Bentz emailed that his Pday was really full and he didn't have time to write. While packing to leave San Diego I fell and hit my leg really hard. now there is a hematoma on my shin that will take a while to go away I'm sure. Here is Elder Bentz next letter:

I heard from everybody that SAn Diego was great, and i got a lot of sweet pics from Heidi. Man, that stair roller coaster you rode sounds fun! I want to ride it too! jk join the club mom! Last week we were playing soccer after we went to this castle in Bonn, and i kicked another Elder in th shin, and he was fine, but my shin got rocked! now my left shin has a sweet yellow bruise on it, and it hurts when i walk, great! it's ok though, hopefully today when we play soccer it will go away :) So, I got transferred to Krefeld for my last two cycles. It is a pretty nice place, we have an investigator in from Taiwan, who was a referral from the bishop, bishop Wang, who is also from Taiwan, and we should be getting a baptismal date with her in the next week or so, we'll see. Koblenz is gone, too bad, I liked that place a lot, but now i am here. so, that's that., oh yeah, I am with Elder Guin, from North Carolina, he is cool. that's about it. I wrote some other stuff to other people, you will have to check with them to see what else there was. I can' remember anything else special that happened. thanks for writing. I love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

7/6/10.....Germany in WC quarterfinals

Well, that is too bad that it is cold in Sand Diego, but it will be nice next year, i know it...and i will be there:) I an currently writing from our ward mission leaders home, he is letting us use his laptops and then we are going to play some mini golf, it will be my first time doing that in Germany, all the courses are made out of cement, and no artificial turf, so that is too bad, but we shall see nonetheless (nichtsdestoweniger)hmmm, this last week, Germany won in the quarter finals of the world cup, and people went CRAZY here, I can`t imagine what it will be like if they actually win it all, should be sweet, from what i hear, they have pretty good odds now...It is now super hot here, and trying to get to sleep at night is just about as bad as trying to sleep in Steve and Tausha`s old basement apartment: impossible, soooo, I gotta deal with that, but it`s not too bad actually, oh yeah, I got the package, thanks for all the stuff i asked for, i have already had some SPAM, and cholula, I love that stuff. 4th of July wasn`t eventful at all for us, the only people who remembered that it was 4th of July were other Elders, and that wasn`t THAT cool. This last week we had some sweet eating appts with members, and did some more finding time. Patricia came to church again, but the Geisens did not again, so they really need to start doing that before ANYTHing big starts to happen with them. lhmmmmmm....i think that s about it...sorry that its not too much for you all, but hopefully you won`t cry....`til then! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

6/28/10...going to see a Castle

Wow, that is cool that you are in Sand Diego right now. I hope you are all appreciating it! Well, I got some news today, my old comp, Braithwaite, is getting married on August 6th, so that is cool. We had interviews last week, and a split with the Bonn Elders, went well, Finding time all day, and found nothing really, so that`s that. That is good that Ed is planning to take us to the GC in Oct. That will be fun. that would be col to have you all there too. We should be going to a castle today for pday, the first time i have been to one, so I will be sure to get some pics too. The weather is now officially hot, and should just be getting hotter now, I love it. can`t wait to get some AZ heat! the mission merge is this week, on July first, and then transfers a week later, so i think i will just be staying here, but we`ll have to see. Ewa started her new job this week, and Florian blessed the sacrament on Sunday, so that was cool. We are trying to work more with the members now, so we should be seeing some kind of reaction coming up now...anyway. take care, and know that i love and miss you all, not to the point of being homesick or anything, but yeah,. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Sunday, July 25, 2010

6/21/10........bday package coming

-Cholula\ Taco Bell sauce (ALOT)
-SPAM!!!!! PLEASE!!!! (seriously, multiple cans)
-Sweet Baby Ray`s BBQ sauce, Elder Smith convinced me to let him use almost all of it last time for this chicken thing he made, but it ended up sucking, AND wasting the BBQ sauce!
-Whatever else you can think of that would be good for me...but really, those top three things would be AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • Well, I never messed around with the fonts or colors before, pretty cool... Well, That all sounds good about the Vacation, and Matt and Melanie, and steve and Tausha and Melanie. Heidi for some reason did not write me this week, but i found out the Lakers won! YES! I would really like the details of that game if you could get them to me, it went to game 7!! Man, everything sounds good at home. I want to go to a dbacks game too! take me! and a Suns game! and Cardinals! well, this last week was pretty slow for us. We had ZOKO in Düsseldorf, and it was good, all about finding new people to teach. Speaking of, that`s all we did last week! and found nothing...unfortunately...but hey, there`s always...this week. Patricia came to church, the first time she has come tzwice in a row, Florian did not, Ewa also did not, but we are pretty sure Ewa was sick, and Florian couldn`t find a ride in time, oh well, we should be meeting with them this week anyway...World Cup is going on and i hear that USA is donig awesome, Watching it at all? I am totally going to buy that soccer package from direct TV when i get back...We had a pretty good dinner at a member`s home yesterday, and We played Uno afterwards, pretty fun family...hmmm...that`s about it. Thanks for writing, and know that i love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker