Thursday, May 28, 2009

Basketball on the Rhein River

Hey, Thanks for writing dad, I am glad that you still did not forget about me with Mom away at Girls camp, not too much has happened here either, Stani did not come to church last week, due to her sister that came into town, but her boys should be going to a youth activity on Thursday this week, and she should be coming to church again on this Sunday, and we already have another appointment scheduled with her on next Tuesday. Right now she is pretty much all we have going for us, and we are going to have to try and find somebody new now. Our other guy, Clark, has pretty much told us that he would never join the church because of its exclusivity, (we think he is gay...), Oh well, so it is. We have been geting up earlier to go and play basketball in the park lately, and its prety fun, we justgot done playing with our Ward Mission Leader, and that was way fun too. It was right next to the Rhein, on a beautiful day. I got that package from Ed, Tell him thanks alot for it, and that i will add it to my ever growing collection of Phantom Ranch shirts! I wrote Bro. Painter and Sis. Maas the other day, and Brad too. It sounds like everything there is going on normal as usual, so, take care and have fun in the heat! Until next time! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Pray for Stani, Ryan and Lorenzo

Hey, That girls camp sounds way fun, I hope everyone has a good time and learns lots. I saw that dad wore my black tie in that black and white dance at the church, it looks good, better on me, but still good on him :) Well, for transfers, nothing is happening for me. I am staying in Wiesbaden, for the next 6 weeks, so, don`t send the bday package at the end of June, cause I might get transferred, between when you send it, and it gets here, I´ll tell you when...Yesterday, we had a really good lesson, with a referral from church, The member brought her to church, and she really enjoyed it, and we met with her and the family from church for FHE, and it went really well, and she said that she noticed a difference in their behavior after church, so it is looking promising right now, her name is stani, and her boys are ryan and Lorenzo, so if you could pray for them that would be appreciated, cause they seem really great right now. :) Man, Matt only has one more cycle and he is done, That will be exciting for everyone and him, have fun with that, and and then, the baby will be born, and then, I will...oh...Ill still have another year...thats ok...I will then be the only one on a mission, so you will send me like a package a week right? well, probably not, but we´ll see. Thats about it for me, today, we are going to go play frisbee golf, cause sister Niebergall is getting transferred to Düsseldorf, and she wanted to do that, so...thats it...Tshcüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Long Mother's day phone call

Hey, Matt never called me, oh well, he will be home soon enough, and then he can do whatever he wants! I thought of a couple more things for you to send for my birthday package, if you don`t mind :) 501 German Verbs 4th edition, and Lehi Roller Mills pancake mix, if you can even get that, but you might have to try and order that german verb book online from amazon or something, I was supposed to get one in the MTC, but never did, so that would be cool, and also the Great Apostasy, by James E. Talmage too, and the Wooden tie rack spinner thing. Thanks. Not too much has happened since i talked to you on Sunday for Mother's Day, so this might be a little short, expected. It was way nice to talk to you all and Michael for a good amount of time, sounds like everyone is just livin` too. I wrote those letters already, and will send them today to Maas, and Painter, and Brad so that is good. Well, Take care, and know that I Love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

Didn't get my letter?

I totally DID write last week. Yeah, this Sunday, I will call you around 11 or 12 your time, and you will just call back, like last time.. Oh, and mom, be sure to call michael from a cell phone as soon as I call home so he can come over too, like last time. Yeah, the work is going well, we have Clark, and we tried to introduce a baptismal calendar to help him gain a testimony and a goal to work for, but it didn`t really go the way we planned it, he has never answered our commitments with a yes or no, so well see, it is all up to him, that is what is so hard about the work sometimes, because you know it would help them, but they have to decide that for themselves, oh well, such is life, which is really really really hard sometimes, but we all gotta do it. Cool stuff about the garden, and that IS crazy that Sarah is starting high school, tell her to take German, I can help her with the homework, or French, cause then Matt will be home too :) or Steve actually, for Spanish...hmmm thats like all of the languages...whatever her heart tells her. We went to the Temple today in Frankfurt as a zone activity, and it was great, Imiss going to the temple, I am definitely going once a week at least, when I get home. Well, iIdon`t have too much more to say, Tonite we are going to have Enchiladas at amemers home, american, thus, sweet...Well Take care, and know that i will call you on Sunday, oh btw, if i forget to tell you on Sunday, Happy Mother`s Day and thanks for being a great mom, I love you! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker