Friday, May 7, 2010

Zone Conf, shopping, baptisms.....5/3/10

I had my gall bladder out on friday and told Mooker about it. Here is his weekly letter. Enjoy...

Wow, That is news about the surgery thing...anyways, yeah, I will be skyping around 3 or 5 o'clock here or even earlier..., so that would mean around 7am for you all, might have to skip church or something, oh well, and make sure to call michael Kraus over, even though it is early, maybe call him a day before...and Matt and Melanie too....Steve and Tausha wrote me and told me their info, so i should be able to do it with them too...It will be cool, because that day, Mothers day, will be the day that Ewa will be confirmed, and also i will be giving a talk that day, I should be able to show you all some pics of the baptism and stuff, sooo, hmmm, what happened this week, we met with Florian Steinhauer again, and he came to church again too! sweet. After the lesson, he made us sooo much food, meat on the grill, Germans love to grill stuff, it was way good. We settled all of the stuff for the baptism, and had quite a few lessons this week, the most i have ever had on my mission, 12, tell matt that, and I'll bet he never got that high...neither had i, hopefully it will stay that way, but this week is zoko, and that is one less day to do stuff, but yeah, this week should go by pretty dang fast, zoko, baptism, phone call, pretty sweet. The weather is really nice now, and i took in my pants to get them taken in, now they fit nice and european like, meaning extra tight,,, :) also one of ym shirts I got it slim fitted, looks pretty good. But yeah, I shouldn't be spending too much more money on stuff until closer to the end, I want some nice shoes, and some more european shirts, which are way better, and slimmer. but yeah, oh yeah, this week we watched this movie, One Good Man, it is about a bishop, and his life, made by members, pretty cool, the ward here was able to get a copy of it, and we had an investigator come to watch it, so we came too :) it was pretty good..anyways, thanks for writing, and hopefully everything works out with skype, and I will SEE you on Sunday, til then, Tschüs! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker