Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday

Yesterday, we had zone conference, and went to Frankfurt for the day, it was way fun, and we heard from Elder Cossei´ from France speak to us, he is in the seventy presidency, and will go to Paris next week. We have a new investigator now, Donald, because we have a return appointment with him, and that should be good, we have had some pretty sweet contacts this week, and there should be something for us. The work is picking up around here. I will send Brad a birthday card tomorrow, and have some sweet pics in it. Sounds like Matt is adjusting well for getting off his mission? I can't imagine it will be too hard to do that. Pres. Earl, tell him I say hi back! So, Season Hale is getting married?! Who, Where, Why, HOW? that's great for her, she is way nice, tell me how the reception went. Hey, I bought the LDS picture book, it is pretty cool, I would suggest it. Well, not too much else to say, tomorrow I will be 20, and then no longer a teenager, so, no more immaturity, according to Ed :) So, Thanks for everything, and stay cool and safe. Tsch├╝ss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker