Thursday, October 15, 2009

HUMP DAY.....One year down

No Halloween in Germany, but we will celebrate it nonetheless...Today we are in Frankfurt, so we will get pictures of the big city today, so I can say that I was actually there... This week was pretty normal, but we did get two temple tours scheduled in, for tomorrow, and saturday, so that is way sweet. Awesome about the Pack, I am looking forward to seeing how the Pack fair up against the VIKES, write me!!!!! Other than that stuff, not too much happened, General COnference is coming up, and that means, HUMP DAY, yeah, it is on thursday, I can't believe that it has already been a whole year, only one more to go,,,man, btw I got the package, thanks for the pics matt, and everybody's letters, I totally look like a goob in my plaque picture! well, tell everyone at home I say hi, and to go with the name Jessica! that is it for now! Tschüß! Love Elder Bentz.