Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a Lonewolf...

We just told Mooker that his brother Matt is engaged to Melanie Buchanan and they will be getting married December 19, 2009

Wow, nice work Matt, it hasn't even been 6 months...DANG IT!!!!! PACKERS!!!!!! I hate the Vikings, and FAVRE now...I really hope they can do good this season. To answer the questions, The mission is going good, Our prospects right now, are few and far between, but they should be picking up in the near future. That Temple tour with our one investigator went really well, we will meet with him again tonight, the other one we had planned with that ''sweet'' family, didn't happen, so....such is life out here, maybe they will answer their phone tonight? we shall see. Hope everything was fun in Utah, and that you had a good time talking about how you will be a grandma and have another daughter in law soon, so many other mothers would be jealous of you if they knew...Shoot, this means that I am gonna be like the wayward son when I get back, struggling to find a wife, to live up to the standards that my brothers have set...whatever, I'm a lonewolf, I don't need no stinkin' girlz!...yet :) Well, thanks for the news, I will write you again next week I am sure...BTW General COnference was way sweet, we watched it in our church building, and they have it in english, so that is nice :) We went to FRankfurt last week, and met a lady in a shop who was from wisconsin, and she was a member, two oddities at the same time! I asked her how she feels about favre, not knowing if she liked football at all, and she said ''WE don't talk about that...'' I love wisconsinites, and AMericans :) Anyways, Tschüß! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

P.S. Does Melanie have any sisters?