Monday, October 4, 2010

10/4/10....I Can't believe it's over

Elder Bentz returns from his mission this week, October 7, 2010. We have enjoyed reading his emails and hearing about his mission to Germany. Hope you have enjoyed reading them as well. We are anxious to hug him, and welcome him home. We received a wonderful letter from his Mission President this week. Here are a few highlights: Elder Bentz has served faithfully throughout his mission. He has shown kindness towards others and has gotten along well with companions and other missionaries with whom he has served. During these past two years, he has deepened his love for the gospel and has strengthened his faith in his Savior, Jesus Christ. he has gained an appreciation for the people here, their culture and their language. He has been able to teach the doctrines of Christ and bear testimony of their truthfulness and has been an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Elder Bentz has grown and developed through the challenges he has faced. Sister Ninow and I love him and pray for the Lord's choicest blessing to be with him. We are grateful for our time of service together and hope that he will keep in touch from time to time as he progresses forward.

Now here is the last email he wrote home and also to his cousin, Heidi, who has written to him faithfully these last two years.
Man, I can't believe that it is over, I can remember times where it felt like it would never end, but it does, and will. This last area I was in, Krefeld, has been one of my favorites, I am so grateful for the things I have been a part of here, and will cherish the memories forever...Too bad Spencer and Sarah won't be at the airport, but I know you will be. don't worry, I have been practicing my smile, I know I raise the eyebrows, I am working on it! anyway, thanks for always writing Heidi, I love you. I don't know what else I should say, but I will see you in a few days anyway, so I will tell you everything you want to know then.

Hey! I can't remember the last time you wrote me! Dad, we HAVE to go to a suns game or d-backs game when I get back. I can't wait to watch that game with you, Go Pack Go! hey, could you or mom call Michael K. and make sure he is at the airport too?. I really don't know what else I can say here. I will be seeing you in like 3 days, and I will tell you whatever you want then. I am so grateful to have been able to come out here and see and do all of the tings I have done. It is definitely sad to leave, but I am excited to come home and see you all again. I love you Dad. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker