Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27/10......I can definately testify of the truth

This week was crazy wonderful. It started off just like a normal week. We had Zone conference in Dusseldorf and everything else about the week was normal, we were doing go-byz and normal missionary stuff. We had an appt with this kid we met on the streets like 3 weeks ago, Patrick, and met with him 2 weeks ago and taught him the first, he liked it, and agreed to read and pray about the BoM. Our next appt, for the Saturday after that one fell out and he rescheduled after that. We set up another appt for the NEXT saturday, so that was 2 weeks not meeting with him, and it was seeming pretty weaksauce. We went to the appt at the church, and were honestly not expecting him to show up, but he did, and we got to talking, asked him if he had read and prayed, he did, and we asked him how it went. He then proceeded to say something I ,nor my companion had ever heard before on our missions after the 2nd time meeting with someone...he said ''I read, and prayed, and as I prayed, I got a warm nice feeling all over my body, and I now know that the Book of Mormon is really the word of God.'' ...uhhhhhhhh.........What the heck do you say to that!? Well, we said the right thing of course, and ended up setting a baptismal date with him for the 30th of October, BUT honestly, how often has that happened? They read, pray, and find out that it's true. Just like that! NEVER: Usually you have to go through a lot of convincing and teaching and answering, but with this guy, he is 17, he got it just like that! It was really incredible, and neither of us were prepared for it. So now I can definitely testify of the truth of that Book, and that it is what it says it is, and does what it says it does. Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker