Thursday, May 28, 2009

Didn't get my letter?

I totally DID write last week. Yeah, this Sunday, I will call you around 11 or 12 your time, and you will just call back, like last time.. Oh, and mom, be sure to call michael from a cell phone as soon as I call home so he can come over too, like last time. Yeah, the work is going well, we have Clark, and we tried to introduce a baptismal calendar to help him gain a testimony and a goal to work for, but it didn`t really go the way we planned it, he has never answered our commitments with a yes or no, so well see, it is all up to him, that is what is so hard about the work sometimes, because you know it would help them, but they have to decide that for themselves, oh well, such is life, which is really really really hard sometimes, but we all gotta do it. Cool stuff about the garden, and that IS crazy that Sarah is starting high school, tell her to take German, I can help her with the homework, or French, cause then Matt will be home too :) or Steve actually, for Spanish...hmmm thats like all of the languages...whatever her heart tells her. We went to the Temple today in Frankfurt as a zone activity, and it was great, Imiss going to the temple, I am definitely going once a week at least, when I get home. Well, iIdon`t have too much more to say, Tonite we are going to have Enchiladas at amemers home, american, thus, sweet...Well Take care, and know that i will call you on Sunday, oh btw, if i forget to tell you on Sunday, Happy Mother`s Day and thanks for being a great mom, I love you! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker