Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pray for Stani, Ryan and Lorenzo

Hey, That girls camp sounds way fun, I hope everyone has a good time and learns lots. I saw that dad wore my black tie in that black and white dance at the church, it looks good, better on me, but still good on him :) Well, for transfers, nothing is happening for me. I am staying in Wiesbaden, for the next 6 weeks, so, don`t send the bday package at the end of June, cause I might get transferred, between when you send it, and it gets here, I´ll tell you when...Yesterday, we had a really good lesson, with a referral from church, The member brought her to church, and she really enjoyed it, and we met with her and the family from church for FHE, and it went really well, and she said that she noticed a difference in their behavior after church, so it is looking promising right now, her name is stani, and her boys are ryan and Lorenzo, so if you could pray for them that would be appreciated, cause they seem really great right now. :) Man, Matt only has one more cycle and he is done, That will be exciting for everyone and him, have fun with that, and and then, the baby will be born, and then, I will...oh...Ill still have another year...thats ok...I will then be the only one on a mission, so you will send me like a package a week right? well, probably not, but we´ll see. Thats about it for me, today, we are going to go play frisbee golf, cause sister Niebergall is getting transferred to Düsseldorf, and she wanted to do that, so...thats it...Tshcüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker