Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's put a wasp in the freezer...

Hey, thanks for deciding to send a package, it is always appreciated. Yeah, this new place Bad Homburg is pretty sweet, my comp, Elder Braithwaite, from Highland, UT is way cool, he dies in 2 transfers, so I might end up killing him as well as my trainer, oh well, it doesn't bother me very much. We have some pretty sweet investigators lined up and hopefully we will have some baptismal dates by the end of the cycle. One guy totally told us that he does NOT want to get baptized, but we are still meeting with him, because he really does not understand it, that will be fun. That baptismal date for Nathan Muldez is on the 22nd, so I will not be there, but its all good. My last comp will take care of it all I am sure, he is training, so that will be good for the golden as well.
Today we caught a wasp, and stuck him in the freezer, so that he goes unconscious, and he did, and we tied a string around him and flew him around, it was fun.
So, cool thing today, we were part of this movie that the area presidency is making for the new area presidency, so a few companionships in the mission were picked out to be in these different settings to record mission work, it should be on the church website at the beginning of October, so I will let you know about that, I wore this sweet tie for it, with a diamond in it, so yeah...Today was pday, of course, and we played the game carcassone, and it is way fun. Random...yeah. Cool stuff about St. George, and that is crazy that Timmy is now 5 foot 8, good for him. Awesome about the Packers, they are gonna go all the way...I can feel it. or maybe the Cardinals. Keep me updated nonetheless.
So, yeah, that is almost all I got for ya this week, thanks for sending the package, I will definitely be waiting for it. Until then! Tschüß! Love Elder Bentz