Thursday, April 15, 2010

baptism in May...April 12, 2010

We taught quite a few lessons, had General Conference, set a baptismal date, walked around....wait, what? YES! we set a baptismal date, not with Ewa, we actually didn't meet with her this whole last week, sadly, she had to work alot, but we set it with someone who we didn't even expect to set it with!. His name is Florian Steinhauer, he lives super far away, and is married to a member from Brazil, but she is inactive, Elder Voutilainen felt that we needed to go by on them, we did, taught a spiritual thought and set an appointment to come back the next week. We came back, and were just having some small talk at the beginning, and he was telling us about some dumb stuff that happened at work, and then he said, '' but i do have good news too...ich will mich taufen lassen.'' meaning, i want to be baptized. ... ....We're all like, yeah, ok, just expecting him to say, that he found something cool, but then he says that, and we're like, yeah...WHAT!!??! well, that's great. we are going to be teaching him for a while, the date is for the 29th of May, and he will be coming to church with his family as well, within 2 weeks once he gets his driver's license, that will be good. So, that is the big thing that happened this week. Transfer calls are on Saturday, so next week i will know and tell you if anything is happening or not. only 4 left, not too much, that is about it for me.I bought some new pants...European pants...they are slim fit, and are way better than my American ones, which make me look like freaking MC, that was about 60€, worth it...I need some shirts and shoes now, and then it will be done, the whole clothes buying yeah, we also did A LOT of service this week, and last too! and this week! freaking gardens...but yeah, keep me updated... I love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker