Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pdays moved to mondays...March 30, 2010

Hey, I got that package, thanks for all of the stuff, especially the Sardines? thanks dad...good choice with the cup Ramen, I guess the next and last package is gonna be my bday package, and then that's it! unless you want to send me some more stuff too :) that pic of Matt is pretty cool, and Chloe is looking old. Where is Mike and his wife living now? still in the ward? WEll, this last week was pretty cool, we had zone conference, and we had to travel for 5 hours! we got thrown off of the train, because we didn't have the right ticket, well, it just didn't start ''working'' until 9 AM, and it was only 7AM, whatever, we got off in the tiniest little dorf, and had to wait an hour! but we got there nonetheless, it was pretty cool, We set a new mission goal of 200 baptisms for 2010, which is quite a bit compared to our last one for 2009, of 100. We are all pretty excited about it, and teaching 20 lessons a week, so that will keep me going until the end at least :) but yeah, we had daylight savings time this last week, and now it stays light longer. We did a butt-load of go-bys this last week, and a lot of walking. General Conference is this weekend, and we will be going to Wiesbaden for that, those are always fun, we are going to have a couple investigators there too! that always helps :) btw, is dad writing down all of the movies for me to see when i get back? I hope he is...anyways, we are meeting with Andreas Geisen, that referral again later this week, he is pretty cool, but he has like 7 dogs, and we get really dirty whenever we go over there. yeah, thanks for writing, oh! btw, our pdays will be changing to Mondays in two weeks, so, that is when I will be writing from now're gonna have to get used to it... yeah. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker