Monday, August 23, 2010

8/23/2010........Vivian is Baptized, new suit, shoes

I got the email with the pics of Brad at the airport, thanks. Man, that is so insane that Brad is home. I am coming up now too...geez. anyway, the baptism went perfectly. I gave a talk on baptism, It was in English too, I like that :) She was so happy, everybody who was at the baptism was so nice and supportive, For transfers, I am dying here in Krefeld and Elder Guin is gonna kill me, so all in all, it is good. I got a new suit the other day, It is LEGIT! don't worry about me gettin' a car dad, I wasn't planning on getting one anyway. I think I will just buy a bike,m or ride the bus, I have gotten used to it :) I still have to buy some Lloyd shoes too, and some more shirts...sooo, don't worry that I am taking some more money out at the end here. speaking of, I think it would be awesome if you took pics of me at the airport while I was walking up the terminal, just me by myself, I will do something cool don't, I am gonna have to send some stuff home pretty soon here as well, soo, be expecting some packages in the near future...hmmm....the weather is pretty crappy now, but shouldn't be too bad up until I leave, my crappy american suits should hold out until I leave, I will take them home I think, but never wear them again, there is a hole in the butt of my blue suit, and so my black one is saving me up until the end....that's how it is...well, the dritt is coming to an end this week, now we can just focus on our area, it should be good for the last few weeks here. Thanks for everything...I love you all. Tschüss!
Love, Elder Bentz (aka Mooker)