Monday, August 9, 2010

8/9/10.......Mystery Zone Conference

Brad McMullin, serving in Chicago area comes home next week. Imagine not seeing your best friend for 2 years? There are lots of ways missionaries sacrifice. They will be seeing each other soon and hiking the Grand Canyon. Our friend Wes Dean will be coming to town for Mooker's homecoming. He's pretty excited.

Brad is already home to me. I will be sending a package to him pretty soon, at his home address, for our birthday...WES!! That is sweet that he will be there for my homecoming. I love that guy...Matt and Melanie moved, cool. I didn't hear anything from either of them this week, but Melanie is pretty good about writing me and even sends pics a lot of the time. This week went well, Vivian is doing well, and already finished the Book of Mormon, She read all of Mosiah in 1 day! She says that once she starts, she can't put it down, so that is cool. She is still not where she needs to be to get baptized, but it is coming, ever so slowly...We have another zoko this week, it is a special one too, nobody knows what it is even about. Everyone thinks it is going to be a Preach My Gospel 2.0 and it will change a lot about how we are doing missionary work, pretty exciting. We are in Düsseldorf again today for Basketball, should be fun. well. that is about it for me, I will send emails only 8 more times, so get in what you want to be said :) Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker