Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ward mission plan vs. missionary mission plan

Oh, yeah, I forgot about Matt's Birthday, I'll write him something. Everything is going pretty good over here, we got a referral from the AP house the other day, and went over to this lady's house and taught her a lesson, and yesterday, the appointment we had with her fell out, so hopefully we will see her again, She is from Africa, and speaks english, so that is always good. That stinks about Dad having the flu, I am a little sick too, just a runny nose, that's about it. OH!!! if you haven't sent the package yet with the camera card, could you send me, my quad set of scriptures from home, the Burgandy one with my name on it, the small set, that would be nice to have just for Zokos and ddms, thanks! Yes, I do write Michael K, and other people too, Tell Ed hi from me too! Elder Kramer and I are doing good, and the Ward here in Wuppertal is still good too, We had a fireside last Sunday, about Missionary work, and they were supposed to make a Ward Mission Plan, but it didn't go as well as hoped, leider, but we'll see what comes of it...Here is a big thing wrong with Germany and the Mission work...the members! One thing they said at the fireside was not too cool. They said that they wanted to help us missionaries out with our work...that's good, BUT we're here for the wards! We're here to be helping the wards achieve their goals for missionary work, there is a great quote from Heber J. Grant, Missionary work is nothing more than hometeaching to those that are not yet members, and hometeaching is nothing more than missionary work to those that already are members. The ward here in Wuppertal has generally accepted the fact that if there are no baptisms in the ward, it is the missionaries' fault. In the end , if that happens, it all becomes a big finger pointing game, so, the moral of this rant is... Every member a missionary. Thanks David O. Mckay. Well, I don't have too much else to say, we are trying to do a lot more inactive work, which should also be done by the Wards and Hometeaching and visiting teaching, but they don't do that too well either, Just be glad to have a nice functioning ward back in America, they really are nice. :) Well, Tell everyone I said hi, and that I love them, Tschüss! Love, Elder Bentz aka Mooker