Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They love America...

Hey, Thank you so much for the package, i got it on Saturday, Well, it sounds like the Ward is doing well, That Ward Bday party is alwys fun. Don`t let Ed near any of the Brats, he will burn them! This week went surprisingly well, We met these people doing doors one day, and they let us in immediately, and they showed us all of these pictures they had from camping and hiking in America, they love America and were way nice, They even stopped at Temple Square, and have a Testimony of Joseph Smith pamphlet, so they want to meet with us again, but are way busy, they both work, but don`t have kids, and love Families, so we`ll see what happens. We had one fallen out appointment, but oh well, and the Sun shined for three days straight!, that was way cool. Then it rained way hard, and snowed a little, and is back to gloomy Wuppertal again. We have transfer calls next Saturday, so you will find out my next assignment in 2 weeks. I don`t know what will happen, I will probably stay in Wuppertal, but who knows. I bought a new back pack, it was only 20 € and it is Jeep brand. That other backpack is still good, but this new one has 2 big pockets, thus, better. I will probably not send the other camera card home for a while, it has a lot more room on it, but I will definitely send it before October, rest assured haha. I don`t have too much else to say. Tell everybody at home and in the ward "HI" from me, and that I miss them, and the AZ heat. I love you all Tschüss, Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

P.S. The law of averages guarantees success to the persistent.