Friday, December 11, 2009

Oops...this is NOV. 24 before last one

Hey, everything sounds good at home. Yeah, be sure to be in shape for the rand Canyon when I get back mom, it will be fun. This week was pretty good for us, we got a new investigator, and it was way sweet for the first lesson that we had, He is about 19-20 years old, and is a friend from a member in the ward, who just got back from his mission in Belgium, Holland France area. It went really well, and we felt the spirit for sure. He even said that he feels different when he comes to church and meets with us or talks about the Book of Mormon, so yeah, way cool. The rest of that day was pretty lame, just doors for like 4 hours, but hey, you gotta pay the price. We also had a good lesson with this one guy in our ward as a joint teacher, and we went by on this 73 year old investigator we have, and our joint teacher knows everything about everything! He used to be a Jesuit priest, and came to the Temple for the open house, to see what the Mormons were up to, and he felt the spirit, and ended up converting after giving up alcohol and smoking, so way cool, anyways, pretty good week, also had zoko, and it was good, all about taking control of ´missionary work and goals, we talked for like 3 hours on apostasy too, it was sweet. Well, that is about it for me, thanks for being ready to send tat package, I am almost done getting mine to send home too, so we will have to wait and see whose gets home first. Take care, I love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker