Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Dreck Weg Tag"....Clean the church grounds

Cool stuff about the laptop and garden, everyone sounds good too. This last week was, not too cool, we had finding time alot of it, and yeah, that is about it. Ewa came to church, and then yesterday to a member's home for FHE, so that was cool. We also had a good lesson with Patricia, about the benefits about knowing the church is true and stuff, went well...We also had ''Dreck Weg Tag'' where went around the area around the church building, and picked up trash, and it went well, a new convert's son came , who is not a member, so that was also cool. We had dinner over at the Rumbach jr's home on Sunday, and they gave us this pretty lame casserole, the mom is American, but still, casserole's are and should be an American thing, It was all just whole grain and stuff, pretty...healthy? At least we have eating appointments, so that is good, they are a really nice family, and we should be meeting with them some time later this week to teach a friend of theirs. We also went over to this one family's place, and this guy, Bro. Baumann, is crazy! He has this old Thompson rifle, from like world war 1, and he showed it to us, and he sleeps on like two hundred pounds of dynamite, so does his wife, they are really perfect for each other...their food was good, we had a stew, and some tea, that we found out later was from black tea extract, so...yeah, Germans are a little...yeah....anyways, can't think of anything else really except that we are going to have Zoko next week, and that's about it. The weather is getting better, I think we are done with the snow finally, and it is starting to warm up, I can't wait for Summer! Thanks for writing, take care and know that I love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker