Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shut down by a neighbor....... but attend a baptism

Happy Birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! That sounds cool about Spencer's talk, and Bro. Child's, also, about you getting a laptop! Yeah, I started writing letters last week, I am really far behind, tell them that I will be getting some out pretty soon. Well, last week was decent. We wete not able to meet with Ewa, because she had to work, but we will tomorrow. Cool\not cool story: Yesterday, doing some doors in the area, and we get let in by these two nice Russian people, we got to talking, and they were really nice and liked us, we watched this DVD called finding happiness with them, and they liked it, they are already christians, we got to talking a little more about what our message was, and the Book of Mormon came up, The guy didn't seem to understand the word Mormon, but before we could explain to him that it wasn't a word, more a name, he got on the phone with his upstairs neighbor who is supposedly his go to person for religious questions, and she ended up telling him that we are a sect (which I think we are, in the actual meaning of the word, just like every church that is christian is a sect of Christianity, correct me if I am wrong...but...) which is not good in German, meaning that we are more like a Cult, sooo...we were actually talking pretty good with his wife who seemed good with it, but he came back, and there was now a wall, he completely shut down, and didn't even let us talk anymore, all because his freaking dumb neighbor told them that we were a sect! We are the CHURCH of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I really hate people sometimes, When we left I left a pass along card in the neighbor's mailbox that said DANKE! (I hope she gets it that it's sarcastic...) but, so it is in the life of a missionary, hopefully that lady will be held accountable for it and burn in hell...well, let's not get carried away, Anyways, the rest of the week was also good, but that was about it that I can think of that was really exciting for you to hear about...
OH GOOD NEWS, we were able to go to the baptism of Lauritz,in Friedrichsdorf, my last area, and it was awesome, he was really glad that I was able to come, it was really nice to go back, and see all of the friends I have there in F-Dorf. It went well, he got baptized, and then we had cake and ice cream, and it was all great. Got some good pics, and yeah, that's it. Just thought you would like to know that as well. that's about it for me, Take Care! 7 months!!! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker