Saturday, March 27, 2010

Referrals equal............... investigators

That stinks about ASU going up for tuition, I don't know what I am going to do...I gotta get a job either way...hopefully I will be able to get some type of scholarship, but we'll have to wait and see, anyways...This last week was pretty cool for us, we had a lot of good lessons and we got a referral from the mission office telling us about this guy, who was referred from a friend in Australia. We go by, and we get let in, start to talking, and it turns out, that this referral, Andreas Geison, met this other guy, Robert Sinclair, an Irish man living in Australia, over the internet, playing Command and Conquer, a PC game, and they became instant best friends, even though neither of them can speak the other one's language very well. weird, anyways. This guy is free evangelical, and very open, he likes that we stress the importance of the family, and the pre-earth life. He seems pretty legit, and hopefully will be making good progress soon. We met with Patricia and Ewa again, and it went well, we have Zone conference this week, and then General Conference next week, so that should go by fast. and then I hit my 6 month mark!!!! well, I have 6 months left, I mean...yes.....anyways, thanks for writing. take care everybody, and tell Steve and Tausha and Matt and Melanie to write me! I don't know anything!!!!! whatever, I didn't write either of them while they were on their missions...thanks TSCH√úSS!