Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday changes Pday...this week

Robin and I went back up to Utah to see the baby and attend Tausha's sister, Kayla's wedding to Tyson Hall. Enjoy Elder Bentz' letter.

Kayla's wedding must have been fun, there are so many good looking girls in Manti...well, this week was pretty average, it got super hot here, and I even got a little sunburn! we helped this one member family with some garden work, and also went to this other crazy family's place, oh yeah, so you're probably wondering why I am writing on Tuesday and not monday now, well, yesterday was a holiday here, Pentecost, so all the stores were closed, and it wouldn't really make sense to have pday on a day when you couldn't go shopping, so we have it today, it all works out. Florian is ready to go for his baptism on Saturday, and Ewa is doing good too, still looking for a new job though so she doesn't have to work on Sundays...ummmm...We went by on 2 referrals we got, which is quite rare to get referrals form the office, and it turns out that neither of the addresses existed! that's our luck though, oh well. The weather is nice enough to wear short sleeve shirts and I love it. hmmmmm...what else? Patricia came to church again, but the organ player totally botched up one of the songs so it made our ward here look like a bunch of, well, it just wasn't the best performance I have seen in a ward house, let's just say that. anyways, that's about it for me.Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker