Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking for new Investigators.....6/7/10

Thanks for the pics. Steve looks like a goober...(sorry, it's just he has his eyes closed on the pic you sent)how did he get TAUSHA? that baby is happy too. That is too bad about the condo in San Diego being sold, but there are definitly more than enough for everybody to go there, all the time, so it's good that you found another place. Well, I guess I will start working on my talk for the 24th of October...I am with Elder Hantla right now, He is from Sandy Utah, and way cool. Still in Koblenz. The weather right now is decent, actually quite hot at times, but it`s doable...We have to go to Bonn now every week for District meetings, and that eats up a lot of our clicks, we only have 1700 clicks for the whole month, so it goes a lot faster than you want it to. Florian came to church yesterday, Ewa found a new job, and she will be starting that in July, so that is good, she won´t have to work on weekends anymore...Everybody else right now is kind of just floating, so we really need some new investigators. any referrals? Well, hopefully next week i will be able to tell you of the new investigator we found, sorry this is so short...Thanks for writing, and the pics. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker