Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am not a Lumberjack...5/24/10

Alright, for transfers, I am staying here in Koblenz, and getting Elder Hantla, he is from Utah, and he is way cool. Elder Voutilainen is going to Offenbach, if that says anything to you...and.-...well, that`s about it. The rest of the transfer stuff wouldn`t interest any of you anyways...Florian`s baptism went well. The water was really low, so he had to do it twice, his knee came up the first time. His wife was so happy right after he was baptized, she was crying and hugged her sister who is also a member, it was really nice. I gave a talk on baptism there, and was sweating like crazy!!! It was pretty hot that day though.... anyways, he was confirmed yesterday, and now he is a member!!!! YES!!!!! yesterday, we also had Ward conference, and it was way nice, Elder Voutilainen got to say good bye to everybody, and there was a sweet party afterwards, and we ate a lot.Sounds like Steve and Tausha are already rich (Disney cruise with the Barclay family), going on all of those vacations and stuff...and Matt and Melanie (Hawaii with the Buchanan family) too, what gives!?!? hmmm, we also helped this member family chop wood, and I sucked at it, with an axe, the member guy worked as a lumberjack for a long time, so he was pro at it...naja. that new Robin Hood would be cool I bet, Russell Crowe is a good actor, also I saw a poster for Prince of Persia, how is that? Thanks for everything, Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker