Monday, July 26, 2010

7/19/10......bad week for hurt legs

Last week Elder Bentz emailed that his Pday was really full and he didn't have time to write. While packing to leave San Diego I fell and hit my leg really hard. now there is a hematoma on my shin that will take a while to go away I'm sure. Here is Elder Bentz next letter:

I heard from everybody that SAn Diego was great, and i got a lot of sweet pics from Heidi. Man, that stair roller coaster you rode sounds fun! I want to ride it too! jk join the club mom! Last week we were playing soccer after we went to this castle in Bonn, and i kicked another Elder in th shin, and he was fine, but my shin got rocked! now my left shin has a sweet yellow bruise on it, and it hurts when i walk, great! it's ok though, hopefully today when we play soccer it will go away :) So, I got transferred to Krefeld for my last two cycles. It is a pretty nice place, we have an investigator in from Taiwan, who was a referral from the bishop, bishop Wang, who is also from Taiwan, and we should be getting a baptismal date with her in the next week or so, we'll see. Koblenz is gone, too bad, I liked that place a lot, but now i am here. so, that's that., oh yeah, I am with Elder Guin, from North Carolina, he is cool. that's about it. I wrote some other stuff to other people, you will have to check with them to see what else there was. I can' remember anything else special that happened. thanks for writing. I love you all. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker