Monday, July 26, 2010

6/28/10...going to see a Castle

Wow, that is cool that you are in Sand Diego right now. I hope you are all appreciating it! Well, I got some news today, my old comp, Braithwaite, is getting married on August 6th, so that is cool. We had interviews last week, and a split with the Bonn Elders, went well, Finding time all day, and found nothing really, so that`s that. That is good that Ed is planning to take us to the GC in Oct. That will be fun. that would be col to have you all there too. We should be going to a castle today for pday, the first time i have been to one, so I will be sure to get some pics too. The weather is now officially hot, and should just be getting hotter now, I love it. can`t wait to get some AZ heat! the mission merge is this week, on July first, and then transfers a week later, so i think i will just be staying here, but we`ll have to see. Ewa started her new job this week, and Florian blessed the sacrament on Sunday, so that was cool. We are trying to work more with the members now, so we should be seeing some kind of reaction coming up now...anyway. take care, and know that i love and miss you all, not to the point of being homesick or anything, but yeah,. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker