Sunday, July 25, 2010

6/21/10........bday package coming

-Cholula\ Taco Bell sauce (ALOT)
-SPAM!!!!! PLEASE!!!! (seriously, multiple cans)
-Sweet Baby Ray`s BBQ sauce, Elder Smith convinced me to let him use almost all of it last time for this chicken thing he made, but it ended up sucking, AND wasting the BBQ sauce!
-Whatever else you can think of that would be good for me...but really, those top three things would be AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • Well, I never messed around with the fonts or colors before, pretty cool... Well, That all sounds good about the Vacation, and Matt and Melanie, and steve and Tausha and Melanie. Heidi for some reason did not write me this week, but i found out the Lakers won! YES! I would really like the details of that game if you could get them to me, it went to game 7!! Man, everything sounds good at home. I want to go to a dbacks game too! take me! and a Suns game! and Cardinals! well, this last week was pretty slow for us. We had ZOKO in Düsseldorf, and it was good, all about finding new people to teach. Speaking of, that`s all we did last week! and found nothing...unfortunately...but hey, there`s always...this week. Patricia came to church, the first time she has come tzwice in a row, Florian did not, Ewa also did not, but we are pretty sure Ewa was sick, and Florian couldn`t find a ride in time, oh well, we should be meeting with them this week anyway...World Cup is going on and i hear that USA is donig awesome, Watching it at all? I am totally going to buy that soccer package from direct TV when i get back...We had a pretty good dinner at a member`s home yesterday, and We played Uno afterwards, pretty fun family...hmmm...that`s about it. Thanks for writing, and know that i love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker