Monday, July 26, 2010

7/6/10.....Germany in WC quarterfinals

Well, that is too bad that it is cold in Sand Diego, but it will be nice next year, i know it...and i will be there:) I an currently writing from our ward mission leaders home, he is letting us use his laptops and then we are going to play some mini golf, it will be my first time doing that in Germany, all the courses are made out of cement, and no artificial turf, so that is too bad, but we shall see nonetheless (nichtsdestoweniger)hmmm, this last week, Germany won in the quarter finals of the world cup, and people went CRAZY here, I can`t imagine what it will be like if they actually win it all, should be sweet, from what i hear, they have pretty good odds now...It is now super hot here, and trying to get to sleep at night is just about as bad as trying to sleep in Steve and Tausha`s old basement apartment: impossible, soooo, I gotta deal with that, but it`s not too bad actually, oh yeah, I got the package, thanks for all the stuff i asked for, i have already had some SPAM, and cholula, I love that stuff. 4th of July wasn`t eventful at all for us, the only people who remembered that it was 4th of July were other Elders, and that wasn`t THAT cool. This last week we had some sweet eating appts with members, and did some more finding time. Patricia came to church again, but the Geisens did not again, so they really need to start doing that before ANYTHing big starts to happen with them. lhmmmmmm....i think that s about it...sorry that its not too much for you all, but hopefully you won`t cry....`til then! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker