Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adventures in Tracting

I am sorry that I don't write too much stuff back. The thing is, for me AND Matt, we don't do a lot of stuff like Brad does, he is in America, where everyone is nice and wanting to talk about stuff. We do a lot of finding time which is very uneventful, and don't have anything different to say, but I do have one SUPER weird story about contacting. Here it is:

Elder Eddy and I were doing streets one day and we were right next to the Bishop's house. This pretty big guy walks out from his house and Elder Eddy stops him and starts talking to him, he seems normal and nice, and even says that his favorite book in the Book of Mormon is Alma, so that was weird, but then he said that he sees us guys all over the place, like in Poland and Portugal and Brazil, and it gets kind of creepy. He then asks us if we want to go up to his apartment to eat with him, which NEVER happens in Germany, so it was weird, I gave him a pass along card, and we left, and he was following us and trying to get us to eat with him. Later that day, like a half hour later, he calls and wants us to visit him, and we say we can't, and he says well later then, but we said no. CREEPY. Two days later he calls us around lunch time and leaves this creepy message, because we blocked his number, the message said that he is expecting us for lunch and he wants us to come over to his house too. We don't of course, and don't call him back, Later that day he calls like 5 times in a row on our phone, and leaves a message again, and it says that we need to take "this stuff" seriously and he will be waiting for us exact words "I wait for you...bye bye." Oh my gosh, we are freaking scared. Elder Eddy called him back and said, " hey, we are here to teach people the Gospel. Are you interested in the Gospel?" which in German, is " Interessieren Sie sich in das Evangelium?", and he said " Ich interessiere mich in Sie" AHHH!!! which means I interest myself in you... We then said, "we can not meet with you unless you want to get baptized and become a member of the church, which means Chastity and not drinking and smoking" and all that stuff, trying to scare him off but he says "yeah I'll do that" Crap...so he is super creepy and WANTS to "meet" with us. The thing is, no one would ever agree to that, that quick, especially in Germany, but we are only going to do it with a member. We hope he never calls back, but we will see what happens. It totally sounds like he WANTS us too, so we're all scared in our apartment hoping he can't find out where we live or anything and its freaking creepy. This would happen to me, dang it... Whatever, I'll leave here in 6 weeks and hopefully never see him again, uhhh... His name is Bastion, and he is creepy as crap, and big too, with a beard, ewww... So that's my story of finding time for this week, and is a lesson with handing out pass along cards with your phone number on them, DON'T DO IT! Also, on New Year's EVE, One of our investigators, (sort of investigator, we just meet with him and talk about random stuff, not really lessons) threw a firework and it singed some of my hair, it was on accident, and I am not hurt, but I had this hole of no hair in my head, and still do, but it is growing back, it's crazy here. That's what happens here in Germany and Europe as a whole probably, and it's weird, but we do finding all the time, pretty much. I am still with Elder Eddy, and it is now the 2nd cycle into my Mission, only 14 more after this one :)
Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker