Monday, January 5, 2009

A positively uplifting letter from Heidi

I'm so glad you got to talk to Matt, not many other missionaries can do something really cool like calling your brother who's also on a mission! ( : You know, adversity is going to happen, like getting down or realizing things like you did this last week, but if you've always had that faith you'll be able to lean on it. It's like when you make decisions to do or NOT do something in advance, that way when the times come, then the decision is already made. Well, your time came and you may have had a reality check about doing nothing but missionary work for 2 years on the other side of the world, but you know what? You can handle it because you prepared yourself in advance. You've already got the armour of God on so when Satan tries to weasel his way into your brain he won't get very far. Trust in the Lord and follow the promptings He sends. He has everything under control. You'll have highs and lows but it will all be a great experience that you'll be glad you've had. Remember, come what may and love it! > > Family is EVERYTHING, Mook. We love you so much and keep you in our prayers EVERY TIME!!! I hope you can feel that! Take care of yourself and drink your milk so you'll have strong bones for all that tracting!> > Learn to love the people and enjoy your time there. It's a great adventure! You're bringing the best news anyone could hear! The Gospel is TRUE! Heavenly Father knows each person individually and loves them and has a plan for them. This life is not the end, just a step in the plan of salvation. There's so much still in store for us! Have faith and communicate with the Lord, he's waiting to hear from you! ( :