Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Karnival for Missionaries

Hey Mom, Happy Birthday!!!!! I did not send anything, and I am sorry about that, but I love you :) Did dad play the Beatles Happy Birthday song for you, I hope he did. It's tradition! That is great stuff to hear about all those temples being built in Arizona, and the stake at home. Elder Eddy is leaving me tomorrow and will be home the next day. My new companion is Elder Kramer, and I am staying in Wuppertal, at the same address, for at least another 6 weeks. Not too much happened this week, because we couldn't do too much. There is this celebration here called Karnival, and it is like Halloween and a super big parade and party all put together, and the streets get way crazy, so we aren´t supposed to go outside for any of it. 2 Elders came up to our place from Köln, and spent the week with us there, so that was fun. I do e-mail Brad, but he can't e-mail back,so its kinda lame, Ed sent me a letter yesterday, so I will write him too. What is up with that bank account I have, I get more money? That's cool. Just keep it there for me, and occasionally I will probably get some out from the ATM here, so just watch for that too. Good stuff to hear about Steve and Tausha and how they are finishing up with school. Before you send the camera card back, make sure that there are at least copies of all the pictures on our computer at home, cause I don't want to lose them forever. Lesson learned. Thanks so much, I love you all, Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker