Monday, April 13, 2009

Bump Day

Hey, Thanks for the pictures, The backyard looks great, and so does chloe. This last week was pretty good. Ww got a carpet for our Wouhnung ( apartment) and it looks nicer now, and more cozy. We had this meeting with a Bible study group and gave them a kind of first lesson, it went ok, but I don`t expect any appointments from it. We did get to sing some Sweet Jesus songs with this one guy who was rockin`on the guitar, kinda felt like hippies, but it was cool. We also got to meet with this one awesome famliy, the Goedekings, they are dual citizens in America and Germany, and they had us over for Dinner, and were way nice and gave us "easy mac". They seemed like members already, but they are not of course, but we`ll see if we can`t change that...They are way nice, and super friendly, just like any American right? That Preach My Gospel thing in church sounds good, we tried to have sumthin like that here, but our Mission President was going to come and speak then he got stuck in a traffic jam, and didn`t make it. The ward here is cool, but just needs sumthin to get em kickstarted into missionary work. Last Saturday was Piccobello tag, and that is when the whole city is supposed to clean the city. We had the area all around our church, and of course it rained, it would not be a good Wuppertal day, if it did not rain. We got really wet, but it was good. Transfer calls come on Saturday, so you will know where I am going, or what I am doing next tuesday. It is officially my 6 month mark, or BUMP DAY!, Cuz it goes, jump day, bump day, hump day, slump day, dump day. For the Beg. 6 months, 1 year, 18 months and END. So I am 25 % done already! Tell Tami thanks for that poem, and that I did get it, but did not get to make my own or anything, I am pretty sure they don`t celebrate April Fools day here, but we are planning on doing something to the other Elders in our area, we`ll see. Alright, Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker

P.S. Tell Bishop nice job with dropping the bowl!