Monday, April 13, 2009

Letter sent to Auntie Sharon, April 8, 2009

Good luck with you Easter Primary lesson, The talk that Bro. Holland gave was powerful, and amazing. General Conference was great here. It is shown in all of the Stake centers, which for us, was in Düsseldorf, a little south of Wuppertal, it was great. And they had an english section too, so that was nice to hear some hymns in english for a change. The weather is doing really great here, and we are loving no more cold. I am getting transferred out of Wuppertal, and down to Wiesbaden, next to Frankfurt, so it will be nice. It is a military ward, and an english speaking ward, so that will be interesting, I hear they have Taco Bell on the base there, we will see. Well, take care, and know that I love you too, and am thankful for such a great family that I have. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker