Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peanut butter, cheeze whiz and root beer...

On Easter Sunday Mooker's oldest brother, Steven and his wife Tausha told us that they are expecting our first grandchild. I asked Steven if he told Mooker yet, and he told me that he actually told Mooker weeks ago, because he knew he could keep a secret. Mooker has now transferred to a new area of Germany. Be sure to see his new address. Postage is still 94 cents until May 11, then it increases to 98 cents.
Here is Elder Bentz's latest letter--

OK, so the ward here is AWESOME! Everyone is from America, and they all speak English, and are in the Military, and feed us american food! We went over to the Booth family for Easter, and we had burgers and dogs, and root beer, and it was sweet! They gave us peanut butter, and cheese wizz, and it was sweet. At another persons home they gave us more burgers and dogs, and creme soda and root beer, after we did some yard work, it was...SWEET! So yeah, Wiesbaden is pretty dang cool, and it is really hot now, not like the way it is in AZ, but still hot.
It is nice here in the South, and we have a way sweet distrist leader, Elder Curtis, and we have two sisters as well! It´s gonna be fun here. We don't have too much going on in the way of investigators, we have two americans, and another german I think, we bring the americans to our ward, and the germans to the other ward here, so different, but cool nonetheless. Well, Steve told me about that secret nearly a month ago, and I did not tell anyone, except like everyone in my district, but they don't know you, so it was ok. Yeah, I´ll go by Uncle Mooker. I told Steve to show the kid a picture of me as soon as he or she come out of the womb, so he/she will get to know me...maybe not. Happy Easter, and tell everone hi from me. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Uncle Mooker