Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Service and Sightseeing on the Rhein

Regarding the switch from analog to digital programming,Germany did not do anything like the difital switch, at least not on our TV...uhhh...just kidding. I don't know if they did or not. Dad got a sword? sweet. (It's Matt's sword that he sent home from France) I will have to get him like a helmet or shield or sumthin then. I got a bunch of letters from the YW yesterday it was really nice. Sarah said that you lost like 40 lbs? thats great mom! Get dad on that boat! Yeah when Matt gets home, he can pretty much do whatever he wants with my Bass, just not break it. Well, this week was quite eventful. We helped 2 families out with moving back to the states, and they both had a lot to do. We went over to a families house on Friday, and mom, remember all those houses on "clean house" that were just terrible? this was one of 'em. I ain't kiddin'. There was so much crap everywhere, we spent like 3 hours on 1 room and the rest of the day just taking trash out of the whole house. I am really glad that you don't let our house get like that, It is like you have to try to make your house messy to get it that bad...ughhh. It was alot. The Family who took us out there though is way cool, The Larson Family, They have 9 kids and she keeps her house perfect. We went over there afterwards for dinner, and their house was amazingly clean. They also took us sight seeing along the Rhein and we got a bunch of sweet pictures that you will be receiving shortly, I will be sending home both memory cards for this next package, and I will just go and buy another one or 2 because they are incredibly cheap over here, sumthin' like 10 € for 2-4 gig ones, so yeah, don't worry about it. So that was all day for us, and the next day, we helped another family named the Owens and we had to rip down a whole back fence and a whole kitchen , everything from it. Cupboards and appliances. In Germany, when you move, you move. you take everything with you, Carpet, Tile, Kitchen sink, everything. So that was fun, but still hard work and had to transport it all afterwards. After that, They gave us like ALL of their food storage, so we have enough food for the both of us for the rest of the cycle, and probably the next one too, just gotta buy bread and milk and cheese now :) Today we have interviews, and in 2 weeks I will tell you what is happening with transfers, This cycle went by way fast too, 6 weeks is not really very long at all. This week some guy from Minnesota came to our ward for whatever reason and had us help him talk to some guy in German about him getting a family history book to help his genealogical research and it was pretty cool. The guy was in Köln and we talked to him on the phone, and then they took us out to lunch, sweet. I also was made aware of a letter from President Egbert that was sent to the Wuppertal apartment, My old comp. was still there, and he called me up and read it to me, so I will write him back, he said a lot about the stake and its goals for misionary work and wanted me to write him back with ideas and advice, so thought that was pretty cool, I got his return adress and everything so dont worry. Well, that is about it this week, we are trying to get Stani to come to church, and the practically inactive family that brought her in the first place,...wierd. It's not goin too well, also trying to find more people and that is as to be expected, but I feel like something is about to change, we shall see. Well, Take care and tell everyone hi from me, Thanks for telling me about Aunt Lera's death too, never really remembered her too much, but dang, 102 years old, good job. Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker