Monday, June 15, 2009

What doesn't kill you...only makes you stronger

Well, Everything sounds great at home, I am sure Matt is getting excited too. Sweet news about Alba`s son getting baptized, I remember meeting him one time, way nice kid, so is Alba, tell her I say "hi". Funny stuff about Spencer getting sick, I never got sick from the Polar Bear swim! Oh, Hey, we ate at this one families home the other night, The Terrys, It turns out that Sister Terry`s Uncle is President Earl! Yeah, if you see him, tell him that I met his niece! They pulled out a picture of him from Christmas, and actually, he is married to Sister Terry`s mom`s, not directly, but still, small world. This week was ok, Stani and family still did not end up coming to church, mainly because the one family that she knows, The Lyms, don`t come very often either, I don`t know how they ever got to church in the first place...It`s kinda hard, but we gotta get her to church or it will never happen, we are also trying to find someone else, cause right now, it is just her, and it`s not going where it should, so we need another option. We had ZOKO last week went well, talked about Teach to Find and other stuff. Went on a splits with Elder Curtis too, went well, met up with some inactive members and had a way cool experience with this guy named Ralph, We went to his apartment to see if he was home, but he wasn`t, went back to the car to go somewhere else, realized that another person lived on the same street, were about to drive there, but realized that it would probably be better to just walk due to parking problems, got out, and started to walk, saw some guy at the apartment where we were just at, and it was Ralph, he invited us in, and had a great conversation with him, and he does want to come back to church, but didn`t this week, but hopefully we will meet with him again and see where it goes. Cool stuff like that happens quite a bit, it is pretty sweet to see it happen. I'm not gonna lie, missions are hard, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...right? I hope so. Well take care and have fun in AZ Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker