Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Send souvenirs home from Germany.....1/5/10

ok, The big Bier stein is MINE! that thing was Super expensive, and it is staying in our house. I DID get Heidi something, I sent three packages home, so one more should be coming too. The tiny ornaments are mine too, and also the big smoking man, the hunter one.I sent that big jacket home, because first of all, it is ENORMOUS, and secondly, I got another one from Elder Braithwaite, and it works just fine. that thing weighed like 8 lbs.! anyways, I will probably not end up buying another nativity set, because i will not be going back to Frankfurt. The Bier stein suffices. and about that money that has been spent, yeah, I bought a suit, a nice one, sooo....yeah, now I can check that off of the list, and now the last big thing I should buy is shoes. So, yeah. It is a really nice Boss suit, don't worry. Sweet news about the Packers, I hope they beat them again. This week Lauritz didn't come to church, he visited a friend, and was not able to come back in time to get there, we should be meeting with him again tomorrow though, we will pobably have to end up moving the baptismal date back a little, but he should still be going through with it some time soon. I got a lot of pictures from the Reception, from Heidi, it looks great! We are going to play ultimate frisbee today, and it will be sweet, it is a really nice winter day, about as good as it gets for the winter anyways...well, that is about it from me this week, not too much, but at least it is something. Thanks for everything! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker