Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 26, 2010 .... off to Koblenz

I am leaving to Koblenz tomorrow. After 6 months here in Bad Homburg, I am leaving. I am going to be with some Finnish guy, I can't remember his name, let alone pronounce it, so I will probably be getting that to you next week. It is a car area there, and a tourist town. I think it might be a branch too, so that should be interesting. I am going to miss Bad Homburg, The ward here is awesome, lots of cool members that I have been able to get to know really well. Lauritz is still doing awesome, we met with him yesterday, talked about Lehi's dream, because right now, he is just reading on his own, and we are just making sure that there are no more problems before the Baptism. It is going really well. He made the comment yesterday about the vision, that it is comparable to the restoration too. It totally works! Angel showing where something is? confusion in the world? (dark mist) and persecution. It was way sweet. We got some good pics on Sunday at the Temple together. We went to go teach a new investigator with Michael De Molder, who is preparing to go on his mission, Bishop's Son. It went really well, and hopefully she continues to investigate the church. So, man, that is cool about Favre getting owned. Poor Cards hopefully it is a good game. I am going to be pulling for the Saints, I would like to see them do it. Funny, we talked about the Fall too, we are probably on the same lesson plan, new manual too, way good, no more pics from people in like the 70's. better. Thanks for the pics too, Steve and Tausha and Andrea look great, Next time you all get together could you take a picture of all the people with the last name of Bentz? I would like that, all in one picture. I will kill all of the spiders I darn well please thank you very much! but I will keep in mind that they play a vital role in the earth's ecosystem. That is it from my side of the pond. Thanks for everything family! know that I love you all! Tschüss! Love Elder Bentz aka Mooker